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October 2023 updates

10 New Features to Elevate Your Experience!

Lindo October Updates ✨

Greetings, Lindo AI Community!

As we bid farewell to October, it's time to showcase the strides we've made over the past month. Your invaluable feedback has been the guiding force behind our relentless pursuit of improvement, and we're thrilled to unveil the array of enhancements and features that have been diligently crafted. Let's delve into the myriad updates that aim to make your Lindo experience even more seamless and powerful.

1. Multiple Website Management:

We've revamped the website management experience, catering to the needs of our freelancers and agencies handling multiple websites. Now, at the core of our web app, users can seamlessly navigate between their existing websites, switch between them effortlessly, and create new ones with AI—eliminating any limitations. This streamlines the workflow for managing multiple projects, enhances efficiency in website creation, and offers a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation.

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2. Mobile Responsiveness:

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our approach. Lindo AI is now fully responsive on mobile devices, empowering users to edit their websites on the go. Quick edits or updates are now just a few taps away, ensuring that you have the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device. This increased accessibility allows for a seamless cross-device user experience.

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3. Copilot Enhancements:

The heart of innovation, Lindo Copilot, has seen significant enhancements. It now allows users to create website pages, blog posts, and even social media content effortlessly. With an improved UI, additional templates, and more potent AI-generated content, Copilot is now a creative powerhouse, simplifying content creation, offering wider template choices, and enhancing AI-driven content creation capabilities.

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4. Simplified Onboarding:

Building a website has never been simpler. Our refined onboarding process involves personalized questions, providing tailored support and guidance throughout your Lindo AI journey. This personalization enhances the user experience, offers tailored support, and ensures a smoother onboarding process for users.

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5. UX Improvements:

Our commitment to user-centric design has driven significant updates in both the web app and editor. Refined hierarchy structures, improved navigation, and an emphasis on user feedback have made the Lindo experience more seamless and intuitive than ever. This enhances the user experience, improves navigation, and ensures a simpler website creation and management process.

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6. Blocks:

Minor bugs fixed, 10 new blocks added, and improvements in responsive design make creating your website even more effortless. This expanded variety of options, smoother design process, and increased customization capabilities elevate the user experience.

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7. Templates:

Minor bugs fixed, enhanced AI-generated contents, updated global navigation for seamless website exploration, and 6 new Copilot-powered pages. These updates result in enhanced content creation capabilities, improved website navigation, and a wider array of templates for a more engaging website.

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8. Embed Blocks:

Bug fixes for YouTube and Google Maps, plus the ability to use Senja by URL. The introduction of the Common Ninja embed block offers users more flexibility in incorporating components into their website. This expansion of embedding capabilities and improved compatibility increases options for content integration.

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9. Logo Updates:

A smoother workflow for updating logos has been introduced. Changes are now visible live across the entire website in less than a second, ensuring a seamless branding experience. This faster logo update process and real-time changes across the website ensure a more cohesive brand representation.

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10. Custom Code:

The global custom code updates have undergone a streamlined workflow. Changes now go live with a single click, making customization simple and efficient. This simplified customization process, real-time code updates, and more control over website features ensure a more intuitive customization experience.

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As October concludes, these updates reflect our commitment to providing you with a powerful and user-friendly website-building experience. Your feedback continues to guide us, and we're excited about the journey ahead.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months!

Warm regards,
Lindo Team

September 2023 updates

20 New Features to Elevate Your Experience!

Lindo September Updates ✨

Introducing Our New Web App:

We're thrilled to introduce the latest version of our web app, a significant milestone achieved just two months after our public launch. With more than 4,000 users and over 10,000 web pages created, we've listened to your valuable feedback. The new web app boasts a sleeker user interface, an enhanced user experience, and improved speed, making it even more intuitive and responsive. These enhancements will empower you to effortlessly bring your web ideas to life, creating a website that truly reflects your vision.

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Build a Full Website with Ease:

Lindo was originally designed for creating landing pages, but now, with our updated web app and editor, we've expanded its capabilities. You can now create complete websites in mere seconds using only a brief description. These websites can include essential pages such as Home, Services, Articles, About Us, Contact Us, two related blog posts, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. This feature streamlines the process of creating an entire online presence, from a landing page to a comprehensive website.

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Effortless Page Management:

Our new web app revolutionizes page management, putting you in control of your created pages like never before. You can easily delete, duplicate, rename, archive, or unpublish pages. This intuitive feature ensures that your website remains up to date and tailored to your needs, all with a few simple clicks.

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Add Multiple Workspaces:

Do you need to manage multiple websites with unique URLs and distinct workspaces? Lindo AI now allows you to create an unlimited number of workspaces, providing clarity and organization for all your web projects. This feature simplifies the process of managing multiple websites from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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Collaboration Made Simple:

Effective collaboration is crucial when creating a website. With our new web app, you can invite team members by simply entering their email addresses. They'll have access to all your pages, enabling seamless collaboration and real-time edits. Building websites with a team has never been this straightforward.

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Cookie Policy Banner:

User privacy is a top priority for website visitors. If you've created your website with Lindo AI, you can now easily add a cookie banner to inform users about the use of cookies and even link it to your cookie policy. This feature ensures transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.

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Age Gate:

For websites featuring sensitive content that requires age verification, Lindo AI now offers a straightforward solution. You can easily set up an age gate from your settings, ensuring that your content is accessed only by the appropriate audience.

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Adjust Pricing for Better Value:

Following two months of public launch and valuable user feedback, we've simplified our pricing structure to offer the Pro Plan, providing unlimited access to all Lindo AI features. New users can enjoy a 14-day trial of this plan to experience the full potential of Lindo AI before selecting a plan that aligns with their specific needs. This change aims to make website creation more accessible and budget-friendly for all.

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Free .com Domain:

We're excited to offer a special incentive for users who opt for Lindo AI's annual payment plan. Not only will you save 30% on your subscription, but you'll also receive a free .com domain, enhancing the value of your Lindo AI experience.

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Pro Free Trial:

Lindo AI users now have the opportunity to explore the powerful features of our Pro Plan with a 14-day free trial. Dive into an unlimited world of website creation and discover the possibilities.

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Roadmap Transparency:

We value your input in shaping the future of Lindo AI. We've published our roadmap, making it accessible to all users. If you have suggestions or feature requests, don't hesitate to participate and help us build a better website builder that caters to your unique needs.

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White Label Solution:

We understand the importance of branding for agencies and freelancers. Our white label solution empowers you to run Lindo AI under your business name, logo, and domain, enhancing your branding and offering a fully customized experience to your clients. We're here to help you represent your brand in the best possible way.

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Lindo Experts:

Need a website quickly? Our Lindo Experts can create a fully customized website for you within just 48 hours. This service includes a personalized 1:1 video call, a tailored list of pages based on your requirements, a complete website with all pages, content, and images, and unlimited revisions. Plus, you'll receive a free .com domain to kickstart your online presence.

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Hide Blocks:

In the website editor, you can now hide specific blocks that you don't want to display on your live website. This feature allows you to keep elements for future use while maintaining a clean and user-friendly front-end design.

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Copy Blocks:

Copying blocks across pages has never been easier. Whether you want to sync your header and footer across all pages or replicate a call-to-action block on multiple pages, Lindo AI's editor simplifies the process with a single click.

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Copy Theme:

Achieve a consistent and synchronized theme throughout your website. Lindo AI now enables you to apply your desired theme to all your website pages, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

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Page List:

Gain quick and easy access to all your website pages directly within the editor. This streamlined navigation allows you to manage and edit your content more efficiently.

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New Embed Blocks:

Lindo AI now offers five new embed blocks, making it effortless to integrate content from popular tools and services into your website. This broadens your website's functionality and enhances the user experience.

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Custom Color:

Personalize your website by easily changing the accent color to match your brand's identity. Lindo AI provides precise color code options, ensuring that your website reflects your unique style.

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Custom Font:

Selecting the perfect font for your brand is now a breeze. Lindo AI offers a wide selection of fonts, allowing you to choose the one that best represents your brand identity with just a single click.

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We believe that these updates will further enhance your Lindo AI experience, making website creation and management even more efficient, flexible, and tailored to your unique needs. We look forward to seeing the incredible websites you'll create using these new features. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we continue our journey to provide you with the ultimate website-building platform.

Thank you for choosing Lindo AI as your trusted partner in website creation. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us. We value your insights and are here to support you on your web-building journey.

August 2023 updates

10 New Features to Elevate Your Experience!

Lindo August Updates ✨

August has been a fantastic month for Lindo, and we're thrilled to share the 10 game-changing updates that are now live for all users. We know you're busy, so let's get straight to the exciting enhancements:

Lindo Help Center

Our new and improved Help Center is your go-to resource for answers. It's packed with solutions to common queries, and we're updating it daily.

Have a question we haven't covered? Let us know!

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Text Editor

Now, you have the power to style any text on your page. It's as simple as selecting the text and applying your preferred styles.

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Change Layout

Discover the revamped Block Actions menu featuring the new Change Layout button. Easily explore layout variations for your blocks. Try it out and share your feedback.

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UX Improvements

We've polished the Editor Action Buttons with refined text. Your thoughts matter – let us know what you think!

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Daily Analytics Email

Stay on top of your website's performance with daily analytics delivered to your inbox. Dive into visitor insights without missing a beat.

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Logo Size Selection

Personalize your brand with ease. Choose your logo size right from the Logo upload form. Your brand, your rules.

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New Button Apps

Elevate your buttons with Lindo Button Apps. They offer seamless solutions for data collection, sales, meetings, and more. We're updating the app list weekly – tell us your dream app!

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New Embed Blocks

Tailor your page with embedded services using pre-made blocks. YouTube, Loom, Calendly – you name it, we've got you covered.

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New Blocks

Introducing 10 fresh blocks to meet your unique needs. Want even more? We're all ears!

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New Templates

Experience new templates, including exciting e-commerce options. And guess what? More templates are coming soon. Need a specific template? We're here to make it happen.

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We're your partners in empowerment, here to amplify your Lindo journey. Your feedback fuels our progress, so keep it coming!

Happy building!

The Lindo Team

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